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TruStone Home Mortgage Employee Joins Board of Minnesota Mortgage Association

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (Jan 7, 2019) Jeff Zajac, Area Sales Manager for TruStone Home Mortgage, was recently appointed to the board of the Minnesota Mortgage Association.

Jeff Zajac, Area Sales Manager at TruStone Home Mortgage

Jeff Zajac, Area Sales Manager at TruStone Home Mortgage

The Minnesota Mortgage Association is comprised of individuals and leaders who work in the mortgage industry. Its mission is to promote unity, strength and ethics within the mortgage industry by educating its members and loan officers on compliance, underwriting, legislation and other industry topics.

Zajac joined TruStone Home Mortgage in 2014 and has more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He has been a member of the Minnesota Mortgage Association for three years. Now that he has joined the board, he hopes to introduce his fellow loan officers to the association so that they can use it as a resource and networking platform, “all in an effort to continue to unite the industry as well as provide opportunities to engage with other associations that support mortgage professionals.”

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