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Apr 01, 2021

Top Lessons from our Education Center

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April is Financial Literacy Month! Challenge yourself to learn something new about finances this month—and make it easy with our Education Center.

There is a ton of information at your fingertips across the web and on our own website. For in-depth material on a handful of topics, you can check out our blog. But if your time is limited, it’s totally ok to take baby steps instead of diving in to a new subject. Try one of the bite-size lessons in our Education Center.  

With short, interactive lessons on financial topics from retirement planning to budgeting, and the option to get your own customized plan, you can learn something new and useful within minutes. Try it out now, or read on for a quick overview of some of our most popular lessons.


Card in hand

Credit Cards

In 5 minutes: Learn how credit cards work, what benefits they provide consumers, what features to look for, how to use one to your advantage and more.


Pencil and paper

Taxes: The Basics

In 5 minutes: Learn about different types of taxes, taxable income and tax brackets, documents you need in order to file, how to legally reduce your taxes and more. (Note that this information is for educational purposes only. Please consult a tax expert or the IRS for help in figuring out your taxes.)


Cash and coins

Checking Accounts

In 5 minutes: Learn about different types of checking accounts, features and benefits they provide, how to use debit cards and write checks, fees to be aware of and more.


Piggy Bank

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

In 5 minutes: Learn what they are, the difference between a Roth and Traditional IRA, how your funds are invested, how to open one and more.


As always, please reach out to TruStone if you need help understanding a financial concept, or have questions about any of our financial options and how we can help you reach your goals.

TruStone offers online financial education through EverFi, a third-party. TruStone Financial is not responsible for the accuracy, security, or content of other websites. Financial education content contains general financial services industry information, including, but not limited to banks, credit unions, financial planners. In addition, the third party information is not intended to provide tax, legal, real estate or investment advice.

Financial Literacy Month Contest

We want to hear about your financial goals and what you’re doing to achieve them. Enter our contest by Friday, April 30 for the opportunity to win $100.*
*No purchase necessary. See contest page for details and official rules.
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