Important Notice And Change In Terms

Dear Member:

We have updated our Services Agreement and Disclosures (also known as the “Owner’s Manual” and referred to hereafter as the “Agreement”) that changes the terms of your relationship with
TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (the “Credit Union”), effective January 1, 2020. Please visit to find the new version of the Owner’s Manual.

The Agreement updates policies and procedures, as well as provides for a mandatory agreement to arbitrate and a waiver of class action claims. This will impact your rights in the event you have a dispute with the Credit Union. Unless you specifically reject the mandatory arbitration provision in the Agreement prior to February 14, 2020, you and the Credit Union agree to resolve any and all claims, disputes, or controversies relating to or in connection with the Agreement, your Account, and/or the relationship of the parties to the Agreement by arbitration on an individual basis. If you reject the agreement to arbitrate, all other parts of the Agreement will continue to apply to your account, and you acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by the provisions of the Agreement with respect to jurisdiction and venue in which claims may be brought by and against the Credit Union. Rejecting the mandatory arbitration provision has no effect on any previous or future arbitration agreements that you may have with the Credit Union. If you do not reject the agreement to arbitration as provided in this Notice, you will be deemed to accept and agree to the arbitration provision.

The only way you can opt out of the agreement to arbitrate is to provide written notice to the Credit Union at the following address: TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union,
ATTN: Operations Department,
14601 27th Avenue North, Suite 104,
Plymouth, MN 55447.

The written notice you send to the Credit Union must:
• State that you do not agree to the mandatory arbitration  provision;
• Be postmarked no later than February 14, 2020;
• Include your name, address, and account number(s) to which the
rejection applies; and
• Be signed by the account holder.

Questions regarding this Notice or any portion of the Owner’s Manual may be directed to Customer Service at 800-862-1998.

Thank you.