Car-Buying & Leasing

For most people, having a reliable vehicle is a necessity. After all, you need to drive to work, take the kids to preschool, pick up groceries, visit your in-laws and maybe even squeeze in a trip downtown for date night. And that’s just Tuesday’s schedule.

Your life is busy, and it revolves around transportation. To make sure you can safely arrive everywhere you’re needed, TruStone Financial has some great options to help you buy or lease a car.


TruStone Financial works with several trusted dealerships to ensure you get the car of your dreams at a fair price. Forget scanning numerous websites and visiting a dozen car lots, we’ll take the hassle out of buying. We’ll find your car and help you finance it. You’ll be behind the wheel before you know it.


With TruLease we can help you find the right car and structure a lease that benefits you – not the dealership. We provide a consultant approach to the vehicle industry that is hard to find in this market place. Contact us today to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle.

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