3 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Banking App

We know you value convenience and security when it comes to your TruStone Financial Mobile Banking. Whether you’re signing in from your phone, computer or tablet, we’ll help you stay up to date on the best ways to keep your information secure when managing your accounts.

Typed Password

Of our Mobile Banking sign-in options, the typed password is the most traditional. The key to keeping your password secure is both length and randomization. While you may love your pet, skip using their name and instead come up with something harder to crack. We recommend using a variety of capitalized letters, numbers and symbols to keep your password as secure as possible.

Thumbprint ID

Similarly to how many smartphones allow you to unlock your device, our Mobile Banking allows you to unlock your account with the touch of a finger too. To set up this feature, go to your Mobile Banking’s settings tab and elect to use the Thumbprint ID feature. From here you’ll use your fingerprint to program your account for future use – it’s as simple as that!

Face ID

The third option offered to unlock your Mobile Banking is through Face ID. This security feature allows access based on facial recognition, which you program first into your accounts’ settings menu using a step by step guide. Just like Thumbprint ID, this feature must be set-up through your smartphone or tablet.

However you choose to access the TruStone Financial Mobile App, we encourage you to keep your devices up-to-date to ensure your experience is optimized.

Need help setting up your new Mobile Banking security features? Stop into the branch nearest you and we’ll help you get started!