4 reasons to use Bill Pay

Fast, easy and safe

Online bill payment is faster and easier than the check-and-stamp method, no question. With bill pay, there are no paper bills that will sit unopened until past due. Instead, you are able to set up monthly automatic payments which will save you time, late fees, frustration and stamps. Plus, by eliminating paper statements there’s no threat of your personal information being taken from your mailbox.

Go green

One of the biggest advantages of paying your bills online is going green. Less mail and fewer envelopes to open, and send back, means less hassle for you – plus less energy and fuel being spent on printing, processing, mailing and transporting each bill. Not only will you be saving the environment, but you’ll be saving yourself some green. From stamps to envelopes, you’ll be saving money each month – and it’ll add up quickly.

Pay a Person

Make payments to friends, family, your child care center or landlord using TruStone Financial’s ‘pay a person’ feature. It’s simple enough to either enter the person’s account information (to make a payment electronically) or enter their name and address to send them a paper check from your online account.

Easy organization

Online bill payment lets you declutter your finances. There may be a little setup time but you’re payment will send the same time each month and you won’t have to worry about late fees. The record of all of your past and future payments is conveniently in one place with one username and one password – gone are the days of keeping track of 10 log in credentials.

At TruStone Financial, our free Bill Pay feature is set to simplify your finances. Just enter each payee into the system, select the amount you want to pay and the day you want it paid – it’s really that simple.

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Editor’s note: segments of this article were taken from money.howstuffworks.com.