Ask the Expert – Member Security Tips

Meet Our Expert, Hans Iverson

As Chief Operating Officer, Hans Iverson leads the Information Technology, Risk and Loss Prevention areas of the credit union.

Member Security

Member security is a top priority at your neighborhood credit union. We continuously train our staff on member security and invest in security technology. However, with an increase in scams and potential fraud risks we need your help to keep you safe.

Phishing and Phone Scams

Whether you’re protecting yourself online or on the phone, it’s important to keep your confidential information secure. With an increase in online phishing scams, it’s crucial to think before you click when opening emails from parties you don’t know. Always double check who the sender is and hover your mouse over hyperlinks before clicking to ensure the linked website is what you’d expect. Phone scam fraudsters rely on instilling a real sense of fear in their victims’ to get their personal information, such as a fake kidnapping of a loved one, impersonating the IRS or pretending to be a family member in need. If you think you’ve been a victim of an online or phone scam, it’s best to call your local police department and report the incident.

Keep Your Information Safe

Online and phone fraud aside, always be aware of the confidential information you have on your person. Keep your information secure whether it’s in a sealed pocket, closed bag or locked space. There has been a recent spike in gym thefts, so avoid bringing your wallet into the gym with you and leaving it in your locker. The same advice goes for summer traveling; always lock up your important documents in your hotel room safe or keep money, passports and other confidential information in a secured place.

Be Proactive

Get ahead of potential fraud on your account when you sign up for Account Alerts through TruStone Financial Online Banking. This free service allows you to set up text or email alerts based on transactions over a designated amount, security notifications, balance updates and more! If fraud is flagged on your account or a large purchase is made, you’ll be alerted immediately.

It’s important to stay on high alert for fraudsters impersonating financial institutions, loved ones or companies you trust. Reach out to the local police department or TruStone Financial if you experience fraud or suspicious activity on your account.