Back to school saving tips

It’s time again for back to school shopping, but the start of the school year doesn’t mean you have to empty out your pockets! From school supplies to a new wardrobe, we found a list of saving tips that will help you out this shopping season.


Use what you have

You’d be surprised with the amount of leftover school supplies sitting around your home. Take some time to gather and assess what you have and what you need. You can even make it fun for your kids and turn it into a scavenger hunt!

Know when it pays to spend more

Inexpensive supplies like pencils and crayons are a no-brainer, but when it comes to backpacks and calculators it’s time to spend a little extra so you don’t have to buy a replacement two months later.


Take inventory

Before heading to the store, make a list of what your children already have and what they still need. This helps you avoid overspending on new items when you already have the same pieces at home.

Shop out of season

Instead of paying a premium for the latest styles, try to shop out of season for clothing. That way you’ll get similar items, but at much lower prices. Even if you child is still growing, think ahead to what size they’ll be next season so they’ll grow into it.


Don’t buy snack-size

Instead of paying for snack-size options, buy the full-size bag of crackers and then make your own snack sizes with reusable containers. It will last longer and cost you less.

Plan ahead

One way to keep your grocery budget in check is by creating a weekly menu. What only takes a few minutes can keep you from buying unnecessary items that you may or may not end up using.

Whether it’s storing your hard-earned money in a TruStone Financial savings account or using the money saving tips above, it’s easy to keep money in your pocket all year round.


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