Home projects to do before the snow falls

Fall has officially set in and even though the snow hasn’t said its first hello, it doesn’t mean it’s not planning an arrival in the days ahead. Before winter’s cold breath leaves a trail of white be sure to consider these five home projects done:

  1.  Check the Roof.
    Check the surface of your roof to be sure you aren’t missing any shingles. If you find gaps or spots that are buckling or curling, call a roofer! Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, so don’t overlook its blemishes. Be sure the roofers remove the old shingles and inspect the roof deck while they are there, if they don’t, the warranty on your new roof may not be valid.
  2. Rake and Remove.
    Make sure you rake, gather and bag any leaves that have fallen off trees into your yard. The last thing you want when the snow melts is to peel soggy or moldy piles of leaves off the ground, moisture like this in the spring can lead to pest problems like house centipedes. Also be sure to trim your trees before the weight of the snow causes loose or small branches to break. You don’t want one of those to impale your snowman!
  3. Install New Windows.
    Are you still living with windows original to your 1920s home and pay hundreds of dollars to feel the heat instead of the drafts coming through your windows? If so, early fall is the perfect time to replace them. The amount of money you will save on heating alone will pay for the upgrade in the long run. If you’re not ready to replace all of your windows, start with the areas you spend the most time in. If you’re still feeling uneasy about the cost, you can purchase indoor window insulation films to install on the inside of your windows at a very low expense.
  4. Caulk.
    Inspect the caulking around your doors, windows and other openings along the exterior of your home. If the caulking is cracked, it should be replaced. Bad caulking can lead to drafts, which can cause your home to lose 30% of its heat.
  5.  Fix the Furnace.
    Whether your heating source is electric or gas, be sure to make an appointment for a tune-up, because it would be terrible to find out your heater isn’t working properly the day the temperature falls below freezing. Some companies even have special maintenance plan options that can include an annual tune-up.

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Editor’s Note: Segments of this article we taken from hgtv.ca.