Decorate your home on a budget

Have you been searching for a new home, but have questions about the process? From basic mortgage information to inspection standards, we’ll make sure you have all the tools to make a house your home.

Another simple way to make your house a home is by adding your own personal design touch. TruStone Financial wants you to be able to add or change up your home décor in a way that fits your budget. These five innovative decorating tips are quick, easy and just in time for spring!

DIY Wall Art – Wall art can be an expensive addition to any home. All it takes is a bit of inspiration to create affordable pieces to place above the fireplace. One option is to take images from your favorite magazine or calendar and pop them into a blank frame. Another option could be to repurpose that fabric remnant from your most recent sewing project or craft. Stretch a large piece over a canvas or place a piece in a vintage frame.

Update your couch accessories – Can’t afford a new couch right now? Whether you sew a new cover or find a couple pillows on sale, a fresh pattern will spruce up your space instantly. This goes for couch covers as well; a new style or color can transform an entire room with little cost.

Add some flair – Keep those kitchen towels off of the oven door with vintage glass doorknobs. These subtle pieces of flair can be found at the local home improvement store or at your neighborhood garage sale. Throw some in the bathroom too in order to keep that pesky shower towel hung up.

Play musical chairs (or lamps) – Test out your current furniture in a different room of the house. Place your bedroom lamps in the living room, simply mix and match what you already have. You might find that you like an existing piece surrounded by new scenery.

Decorate by the book – If you find yourself with a large assortment of books, use them to your advantage. Arrange cookbooks in a wire basket on the kitchen counter or stack them in corners of your home with a vase of flowers on top; the possibilities are endless.


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