Financial Tips for College Students

There’s more to being financially prepared for college than securing your student loans. It’s important to be equipped for the everyday expenses your tuition doesn’t cover, like groceries and school supplies. Covering expenses while keeping your spending in check will be crucial. Luckily, your neighborhood credit union is here to help with a few quick tips.

Have a Plan and Stick To It

Creating a budget will give you a concrete goal to work towards every month. The key here is to make your financial goals attainable. Calculate how much income you have each month and then outline your set monthly expenses. Based on the amount you have left over you can budget yourself for fun activities – like going out to eat, shopping and saving for your spring break beach vacation.

Don’t forget to include a deposit to your savings account too. Even saving $5 per week helps grow your savings in case of an emergency or a future big purchase.

Have Options in Your Wallet

When you’re running between classes and need a quick pick-me-up, convenience at the check-out is essential. Spend your money with a purpose when you open a TruStone Financial Visa® credit card. By responsibly building your credit now, you’ll have a reputable credit history later when it comes time to buy a car or a house.

When you can’t pay by card, like at your favorite food truck, you’ll need cash. That’s not always easy if you moved to a city your financial institution doesn’t serve, and many ATMs will charge you to take out cash if you’re not a member. However, with your TruStone Financial membership you’ll have access to thousands of ATMs for free when you utilize our MoneyPass® Network.

Manage Your Money

Feel confident about staying within your monthly budget with the TruStone Financial Mobile App. When you land your dream internship you can even use the app to make mobile deposits on-the-go.

Visit a branch today to discuss your financial goals for college. And don’t forget, once you’ve moved to your new college town we’re only a phone call away!

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