Get fast answers to your urgent questions

Say you have an account specific question and you need an answer fast. There are two devices that TruStone Financial utilizes to help you obtain information quickly: Secure Message Center and Instant Answers.

Instant Answers

Instant Answers is the system used in the search bar of the TruStone Financial website. It displays answers to your questions and it generates other related questions that you might have regarding your topics. Instant Answers covers everything from products we offer to simple questions such as credit union hours and locations.

Secure Message Center

For questions specific to your account, use the Secure Message Center, located within Online Banking. Secure Message Center is your key to fast and private communication with a TruStone Financial representative during business hours. It works just like an email exchange and the feature allows you to upload and attach documents.

Secure Message Center is a highly secure form of email communication when discussing issues related to your accounts. It is also more protected than sending a regular email. Our representatives can identify and verify who you are because you’ve logged into your TruStone Financial account. Staff members are then able to help you with more specific, personal questions pertaining to your account such as information related to transactions, products, services and payments.

For general questions, use the handy search bar on the TruStone Financial website. For more private, sensitive account specific questions, use Online Banking’s Secure Message Center.