Harvest your home’s charm

Fall is for cozy sweaters, sipping your favorite pumpkin drinks, jumping in piles of leaves and the season’s first book by the fireplace. Transition from the pool-party mentality of summer and bring out the comfort of fall in your home with these seasonal décor tips:

Warm It Up | One of the easiest things you can do around your home to make it feel like fall both indoors and outdoors is to switch up the color pallet in your living space by adding different shades of orange, red and brown. You will instantly change the atmosphere of your home.

 Fall Florals Who doesn’t love a good floral arrangement? Whether real or artificial, these bundles of color can bring so much personality to any room. For fall, replace your tulips, hydrangeas and gladiolus with arrangements of twigs, wheat grass, cattail, leaves and more. Your local craft store probably has a wide variety of fall foliage available, and if it’s artificial, you can reuse it each year.

Layers | Similar to adding layers to your wardrobe, add some layers to your home! Throw some wool or fleece blankets onto the corner of the sectional to be sure everyone will be warm and cozy on those cool fall nights. Not only do blankets provide literal warmth, depending on the textiles and colors you choose, they can add texture and a pop of autumn color.

 Paint, Don’t Carve | Instead of carving pumpkins this year (though you may still want to do this with your little ones) get out some paints and channel your inner artist. Try some chevron, polka dots or even a single stripe and instantly you have a home accessory that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Stick to black and white paint for simple designs or add in some metallic gold or silver for additional sparkle. Consider picking up artificial pumpkins from your local craft store and have yet another reusable décor item.

 Into the Woods | Nothing says fall like fresh firewood, so try incorporating a firewood rack into your living space and get both a functional storage piece and a stylish home decoration. The wood itself and its aroma brings the spirit of the outdoors and can add a warm texture to your existing décor.

With simple modifications, any of these décor ideas can be easily added to any home regardless of aesthetic. What will you do in your home this fall to bring the season to life?

Editor’s Note: Segments of this article were inspired by content on southerliving.com and hgtv.com.