Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re trying to wow a house guest or a potential buyer, the way your house looks on the outside counts when it comes to making a good impression. Take the time to improve your home’s curb appeal and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make on your home’s overall worth.

Perfect Paint Job
It sounds simple, but applying a fresh coat of paint can make your house look practically new. Be sure to scrape off loose or chipped paint before you get started so you achieve a nice, smooth finish. If you’re looking for an extra pop, choose a bold color for the front door.

Utilize Your Green Thumb
Few things are more inviting than a beautiful walkway leading to your front door. Incorporate a variety of leaf textures, height and color in your shrubbery for the best look and choose plants with seasonal blooms for year round color.

Let There Be Light
Be sure the walkway and front door of your home are well lit. It’s not only safer for your guests, but lighting also showcases your home. However, lighting isn’t just for the front entry, consider adding solar lights around your trees and landscaping too. They’ll make your yard look remarkable at night and because they’re solar powered there’s no added expense to your electric bill.

Don’t Overlook the Roof
It’s easy to forget about the difference a clean, well-kept roof makes on your home’s appeal, but a potential buyer will certainly notice. Keep your gutters clear of debris, give your roof a good cleaning, and if necessary consider investing in a roof replacement.

Not only will fixing cracked driveways or walkways make coming home a nicer experience for you, visitors will notice immediately as well. When refreshing your driveway or front walk, it’s important to consider both beauty and safety. Once you decide whether you want to repair, revitalize or replace, research which pros in your area can help you get the job done.

If you have large-scale curb appeal projects in mind, such as a driveway overhaul or front patio construction, consider a home equity loan from your neighborhood credit union!  Apply online or in your local branch and fund your next project in no time.


Editor’s Note: Parts of this article were taken from houzz.