How to keep your home safe while away

At TruStone Financial security is our top priority. Not only are we committed to the safety and confidentiality of your records, we work to educate you on how to keep yourself and your belongings safe and secure. Whether you are going out of town for business or taking a family vacation, we want to help you keep your home safe with these easy tips.

Hire a house-sitter | Whether it’s a family member or close friend, hire someone you trust to temporarily move in or check-in regularly to water the plants, feed the pets and pull up garbage cans while you are out of town.

Hold delivery services | If you are leaving home for more than a couple of days, call your local post office to stop mail delivery until you return. Keep personal information out of your mailbox with this free feature courtesy of the United States Postal Service. Also, remember to stop your newspaper delivery services to avoid papers piling up on your driveway or doorstep.

Keep your home looking normal | Instead of hiring a house-sitter, you can invest in indoor and outdoor automatic lights. These lights have programmable timers and give the appearance that someone is home.

Lock up | It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Whether you keep your windows open and unlocked during the summer or never bother to deadbolt the patio door, when you go out of town make sure you are locking all access points to your home.

Stay private | Vacations are exciting, but use caution when posting on social media. Refrain from checking-in to various locations or uploading photos when on vacation, these actions can alert people that your home is vacant.

Pull the plug | Disconnecting the power to household items such as your television, coffee maker and computer can not only save you money, but can eliminate the worry that you’ve accidentally left them on.

Keep your home safe and your mind at ease while you’re out of town by following these easy safety tips.

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