Keep your computer up-to-date

Computers have an everyday presence for most people these days, be it your personal laptop, tablet or a family desktop. It is important to make sure your computer software is current to ensure all of your information is kept secure.

No matter what type of computer you use there are frequent updates for each operating system. In order to keep your computer up-to-date and secure, make sure you have your automatic updates turned on. Often you can set your computer to alert you when an update or newer operating system is available.

Nowadays new computers will come with free anti-virus software. Once the free trial has expired it is vital to keep an anti-virus software installed, running and current. Hackers and scammers are continuously coming up with new ways to obtain personal information and anti-virus software is another form of protection you can arm yourself with.

It doesn’t matter which internet browser you use, it is important to keep it updated. Updates help fix problems with the existing software as well as add any additional security needed for new threats from scammers and hackers. Only the newest browsers are regulated and supported by their creators. Make sure to keep yours up-to-date so that it is not an old un-supported version.

Make sure that all updates you install are from the software company. If you are unsure about an update you can visit the website of the vendor directly for more information.