Moving tips to save time and money

Just purchased your dream home through Mortgage Lending Services? While moving can be exciting, your mind may be racing with everything you need to get done for the big move. Luckily we’ve got some tips and tricks to make the whole process a lot easier and to get you back to planning your housewarming party even sooner!

Plan Ahead. In reality, moving is the easy part. It’s the preparation for a move that can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you forget to plan ahead. From securing a moving van to defrosting the fridge, it’s important to set aside time to create a moving plan. A few important steps you won’t want to overlook include:

  • Reserving a moving van
  • Contacting and securing extra hands, even family and friends, to help you move
  • Defrosting and cleaning your fridge
  • Transferring your information – change of address, utilities, etc.
  • Make lists of everything you need to remember to pack
  • Schedule a time to clean both your current home and new home

Out with the old. Since you will already be sorting through your things, it’s the perfect time to put out the old and make room for the new. By donating or tossing non-essential items, you will not only make the move easier, but open up some space in the new house for that piece of furniture from Pottery Barn that you’ve had your eyes on.

Be thrifty. You’ve just purchased a new home, the last thing you want to do is spend money on packing materials when you don’t have to. Check out local stores for free boxes – Craigslist even has a free section where you can score big. No handles? No problem. Make these boxes easy to transport by cutting holes in each side to use as handles.

Don’t forget to think outside of the box. Use towels, sheets, pillows and even clothing for great packing material. An added bonus is that they’re environmentally friendly solutions! You can even use pot holders to store knives, fitted sheets as mattress protectors and the inside of your washer and dryer for storage.

Take pictures. So many cables, so few instructions. For us non-tech savvy folk, setting up a TV is an added headache we’d rather steer clear from, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Before boxing up your TV and cables, take a picture of how everything is set up, this will make setting it up in the new house a breeze. In addition, use plastic labeled baggies to keep everything together.

Pack a first-night box. Chances are you are not going to be able to unpack and settle into your new home the same day that you move, so it’s a smart idea to pack a bag of necessities for the first couple of nights. From phone chargers to coffee for an early morning of unpacking, we’ve compiled a list of items you might want to consider packing separately:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding
  • Disposable dining supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Tools
  • Phone chargers

 As daunting and overwhelming it can be packing up your entire life, it’s also an exciting time to think about all the new possibilities! By planning ahead and staying organized, you’ll be all settled in in no time and on to making new memories in your dream home.


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