Stay on top of your finances with account alerts through Online Banking

At the end of the day, you don’t want to worry if your scheduled transfer went through, or if you have enough funds available after your latest grocery store run. Setting up Account Alerts in TruStone Financial’s Online Banking will help you keep tabs on what’s happening with your accounts on your terms.

Once you’re in Online Banking, click on the Settings tab, then toggle to Alerts and choose from the following sections:

Field Options Method of Notification

Alerts for when the following events occur:

  • Maturing Certificate
  • Expiring Transfer
  • Failed Transfer
  • Loan Payment Due

Email or Login*

Only transfers in this group may be set up for text notifications.


Select an account of your choice and Online Banking will alert you when the balance in that account is either above or below an amount selected by you.

Email or Login*

Transaction Set alerts for when a debit transaction is posted for an amount over your choice to a specific account. Email, text or Login*
Item When a certain Item Number, such as check number, clears an account of your choice. Email, text or Login*

Alerts for actions taken involving:

  • Invalid Log in
  • Online Banking ID Change
  • Successful Login
  • Password Change
Email, text or Login*
Personal A calendar lets you choose dates to receive notifications. You may also enter a message to receive with this alert. Email or Login*


Start setting up your notifications in Online Banking today!

*Alert will be in your message center in Online Banking.