Protect your home and family from carbon monoxide this winter

Winter is right around the corner – and with winter comes snow storms and freezing temps, but those aren’t the only safety hazards this season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, carbon monoxide leads to more than 200 deaths every year. This colorless, odorless and tasteless gas makes leaks and buildups difficult to notice.

At TruStone Financial, your safety and security is our top priority. That’s why we recommend taking the following steps to protect your family and home from carbon monoxide this winter.


People assume that one CO2 detector is adequate for an entire house, but, like smoke detectors, each floor should house either a battery-operated model or hardwired carbon monoxide detector.


Make sure to change your heater filters before winter hits so the air you are heating your home with is as clean as possible. Annually, have a professional check your system to ensure there are no leaks or dysfunctional parts.


Natural gas is used to run a lot of furnaces and clothes dryers, which emits carbon monoxide outdoors. If you notice a large snowfall, clear these ventilation areas to ensure the CO2 escapes properly and doesn’t come back inside your home.


When temps drop in to the single and negative digits, it’s tempting to run the car for a couple minutes before getting in. Pre-warming your vehicle in a small, unventilated area can easily lead to dangerous levels of toxic exhaust and if your garage is connected to your home it has the potential to seep inside. Simply opt to brave the cold or warm-up your vehicle outside.

By taking the appropriate precautions, your home and family will stay healthy and safe this winter. For more safety tips, financial literacy topics and member security articles visit


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