Save on Your Home’s Expenses This Summer

Save on Your Homes Expenses This SummerSummer is the perfect time to cut down on your home’s expenses. Take advantage of these simple homeowner savings tips and see how much you can save!

Be Smart With Your Bulbs

Here’s a bright idea: the next time you need to change your light bulbs, choose energy-efficient bulbs like LED or CFL. Not only will they save you money on your electric bill, they will also last longer than the average incandescent bulb.

Keep Your AC in Check

Your air conditioning unit may be pumping out more cold air than necessary. Take a look at all of your home’s AC vents and make sure they’re clear of dust and debris. Anything blocking your vents will cause your AC to work twice as hard to cool your home, which will quickly cost you more.

If you’re keeping your home cool with a window unit, make sure it’s sealed around the outer edges to prevent warm air from coming in through the cracks. And if you have a window or wall unit, don’t turn the temperature too low, or you could freeze up the unit’s coils—around 68 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal.

Reduce your electric bill even more by making sure you turn off your AC before you leave for a long weekend or summer vacation.

Keep Your Water Hot, Not Scorching

To ensure there is always hot water ready for use, your home’s water heater is constantly working. Most water heaters are set to a temperature far greater than what you would ever want to comfortably use. Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the energy used and save.

Use the Sun to Your Advantage

Skip the clothes dryer and hang a clothes line outside instead. You’ll save energy and money for each load of laundry this summer.

Save even more on your electric bill by keeping the lights off. Since it stays lighter for longer during the summer months, enjoy the natural light and get in to the habit of leaving the lights off until you really need them.

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Editor’s Note: Segments of this article were taken from The Spruce, The Simple Dollar and NerdWallet.