Say Yes to These Wedding Saving Tips

We know weddings can get expensive. However, there are ways to save on your big day that won’t skimp on the wedding magic.

Budget First, Plan Later

There’s nothing worse than realizing months into planning that you’ve committed to spending far more than you had budgeted. It’s easy to calculate how much you have to spend based on your savings and family contributions, but it’s hard to know how much money should go towards certain aspects of the wedding and reception. To avoid this common mistake, find a budget percentage breakout online that works for the wedding you envision, like this example from Wedding Wire, then stick to those amounts when booking your venue, photographer, etc. to help you stay on track.

Venue Tricks of the Trade

Planning a massive party for your friends and family can be daunting, and the little costs add up quickly. To save, consider booking your wedding venue and reception in the same place. Not only will you save on standard venue costs, such as clean-up fees, you won’t have to decorate two locations. Plus, you’ll save big when you book on an off-season weekend – winter wonderland wedding, anyone?

You can even save on reception seating arrangements by ordering bigger tables to fill your space since this will require fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.

Flowers That Won’t Faze Your Budget

When ordering flowers, always focus on what’s in season. These flowers will be easier for florists to source, so you can skip a larger mark-up price. Instead of paying the big bucks for certain flowers, find a similar look for less; for example swapping out peonies for garden roses. Additionally, ask for more greenery than flowers. Not only will you save per stem, these will also help your arrangements appear fuller for the price.

Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

Traditional tiered cakes can get expensive quickly, and that’s before your venue’s plating fee is added to the mix. Instead of ordering a cake large enough for your entire reception, consider ordering a small two-tiered cake for the cake-cutting ritual. Once the tiered cake is cut, have your venue whisk it back into the kitchen where you’ll have sheet cakes ready to be served to your guests. Sheet cakes are far less expensive, and taste just as great!

Above all else when planning for your big day, don’t forget you have the power to negotiate! If prices seem too steep, or small costs at your venue keep adding up, ask if you can have prices lowered to better fit your budget. It never hurts to be honest and ask – you never know how much wiggle room a vendor has.

Stick to your budget, and stress-free wedding bliss will surely follow!

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Editor’s Note: Segments of this post were taken from NerdWallet, The Knot and Wedding Wire.