Share your experiences for the Member Photo Calendar

For its third consecutive year, the TruStone Financial Member Photo Calendar has returned, but before we move forward, we’re taking a look back at the photos you submitted last year. From shots of your favorite destination or your beloved pet to close-ups of flowers in your front yard, we were honored to share some of your favorite experiences alongside you. What were your favorites? Perhaps it was March’s water under the bridge by Kim Windingland or November’s peaceful shoreline by Liz Canapa. Whatever shots your eyes were drawn to, each photo had beauty of its own.

This year, we want to continue to experience aspects of your life through your photographs. Share more of your memories with us again and submit your favorite photos by August 22!

Wondering what makes a good photo? Here are some questions regarding key elements to ask yourself when choosing a photo from your archives to submit or to take into consideration when snapping some new shots.

  1. Is there a clear focal point?

In a strong photograph, viewers can immediately identify the subject of the shot. If you’re shooting a waterfall, are the top of the falls the focus or is it the cliff it flows off? Instead of a montage of focused elements, highlight a single aspect to make the photo more appealing.

  1. Is the shot well-composed?

Looking at a photograph shouldn’t be confusing. In a strong photo, there is a sense of general organization. You don’t want the photo to be so cluttered with elements that it confuses the viewer and takes focus away from the key subject. Some things to remember to encourage organization include filling the frame to establish the center of interest, control the background to make it as non-distracting as possible and keep it simple, don’t overload your shot.

  1. Is the approach creative?

Does your photograph go beyond anticipated techniques? We don’t want to see any old photo of your dog. We want to see your dog through your eyes! Show us the subject of your photos in an unsuspecting and exciting way. Help us relate to the things you photograph!

  1. Is the lighting well-balanced?

Does the lighting and exposure support the elements of the photo? If you’re photographing your kids splashing in the lake at the cabin, make sure their faces are highlighted, not covered by shadows. Help draw our eyes to the subject of your photo with balanced light!

  1. Does the photo tell a story?

Help us get a glimpse into the experience you captured. We want to see the story and feel something! Make a statement with your photo and help us imagine what it was like to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon or to watch your child waterski for the first time.

Photo submissions will be accepted August 10-22 and Facebook fans can vote for their favorite shots August 23 – 29. Winners will be featured in the TruStone Financial calendar. 

Submit your photo starting August 10 on our Facebook page.

Complete official rules are available on our Facebook page.