Simple ways to advance your career

Your personal and financial success has always been important to us here at TruStone Financial. That’s why your neighborhood credit union is sharing five simple ways that you can advance your career regardless of position, industry, experience level or future ambitions.

  1. Keep your resume up-to-date.
    You can never predict when a new opportunity will come knocking at your door. Even if you aren’t actively searching, your resume should always be kept ready to go so you can easily jump at new chances when they present themselves.
  1. Let your personality shine
    When you do start searching for a new position, make sure that your personality comes across throughout the hiring process. While your credentials may score you an interview, your personality will play a major role in the hiring decision since companies want to ensure a good culture fit.
  1. Join a professional group for your vocation or industry.
    Whether it’s a monthly meeting at the local business center or participating in industry forums on LinkedIn, these are powerful networking tools readily available to you. These groups look great on your resume and serve as a valuable asset when job searching. So get involved and start building these important professional relationships.
  1. Find a mentor
    Find a professional in your field whose occupation and attitude you’d like to emulate. This individual can help guide you through your career by sharing his or her experiences while offering real-world advice. Whether it’s bi-weekly lunchtime meetings or quick check-in phone calls, develop a mentor relationship that works best for the both of you.
  1. Always keep learning
    Don’t get overly comfortable in your current position; always strive for new responsibilities, skills and goals. Take advantage of online resources or community education to pursue new knowledge so that when an exciting opportunity pops up, you’re more than qualified.

    TruStone Financial is always looking for friendly, qualified people to bring on board. If you’d like to invest in your future, take a look at our open career opportunities.


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