Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring lawn care tips

The key to a lush green lawn all summer long is spring yard work. Your grass may look drab now, but it’s getting ready to sprout. Read on for tips on how to kick-start your landscaping!

Raking away the old
The first item on your spring lawn care to-do list should be raking because it removes the grass blades that died over the winter (preventing the development of too much thatch) and allows new grass to grow. Grab a rake designed for spring use with flexible tines to ensure you’re just getting the dead grass and not pulling new grass out at the root.

Fill in the bare spots
If Mother Nature or your four-legged friend has left your lawn looking like a patchwork quilt, scrape up the soil in the bare spots with a garden rake, then grab some grass seed and sprinkle away. Pat the soil down, then keep the spots well-watered, and they will turn to green grass before you know it. Your yard will look better and it will be better-protected from weeds and soil erosion.

Fertilize properly
Fertilizers provide nutrients to the soil to keep grass healthy. In the spring, fertilizing your lawn just once should suffice. Pick up a bag of phosphorous-free fertilizer—because MN state law restricts the use of phosphorus fertilizer in order to protect waterways from excessive algae. Follow the instructions carefully and enjoy your revitalized lawn!

Don’t cut too much
Grass is very fragile in the early spring season. When you bring out the lawnmower, raise the blade so that the grass will be 2 ½ to 3 inches tall. This helps to keep the nutrients in the roots and soil.

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Editor’s note: parts of this article were sourced from the City of Plymouth, the University of Minnesota Extension, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and The Spruce.