Spring Lawn Care Tips

The key to a lush green lawn all summer long is spring yard work. Your grass may look drab now, but it’s getting ready to sprout. Read on for tips on how to kick-start your landscaping!

Raking Away the Old
Raking should be one of the first tasks for spring lawn care because it removes the grass blades that died over the winter and allows new grass to grow. Grab a rake designed for spring use with flexible tines to ensure you’re just getting the dead grass and not pulling new grass out at the root.

Fill in the Bare Spots
If Mother Nature or your four-legged friend has left your lawn looking like a patchwork quilt, grab some grass seed and sprinkle away. Keep the seeds well-watered and they will turn to green grass before you know it.

Don’t Cut Too Much
Grass is very fragile in the early spring season. When you bring out the lawnmower lift the blade up a bit so you don’t take off more than the top 1/3 or so of the blades of grass. This helps to keep the nutrients in the roots and soil.

Plant New Trees
Planting new trees in the spring gives them a great chance to start growing before the summer heat arrives. Wrap the trunk of a young tree to protect it from drying winds, hot sun and gnawing animals such as rabbits and deer. Don’t forget to water and fertilize young trees regularly.

Pruning Your Landscapes
Most trees, shrubs and bushes can be pruned once the vigorous cold leaves your area. For most of us, that’s in March or April. It’s best to prune them before they start to sprout in the spring. Pruning your trees is one of the best ways to keep them in good condition and can add years of life to your trees.

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