Stay home and shred or take an adventure

Getting rid of confidential papers and documents is an important safety measure to take, but it can be time consuming to properly shred each paper. You could stay home this fall and feed your personal shredder one document at a time, or you could let TruStone Financial help you make time for one of these adventures! Short on ideas? No sweat – we’ve got plenty of ideas for you!

  1. Make a splash.
    Head north and bring your camping gear! Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands will make you feel like you’re on a tropical adventure without ever leaving the Midwest. Strap on your hiking shoes, grab a kayak or take a dive and soak up the beautiful landscape in your backyard. With features like underwater rock formations and shipwrecks, there’s no doubt this destination will be one of the most adventurous.
  1. See Superior like never before.
    From Split Rock Lighthouse to its iconic Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth is more of a tourist destination than you may have thought. Take in the sights and experience this popular Minnesota city from a new perspective!
  1. Take a hike.
    Five counties make up the beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin, where you’ll find the best of all outdoor activities. With over 1,000 miles of hiking and logging trails to choose from, there’s no chance you’ll be bored in these woods.
  1. Try this on for size.
    Ever wanted to see what a size 638-D boot looks like? If so, Red Wing, Minnesota is the place to go. In addition to this monumental piece of footwear, beautiful Victorian homes, brick storefronts and other historic elements are all exciting things you can find in this town on the Mississippi.
  1. Cast a line.
    Visit the landscapes left behind by glaciers in northern Minnesota where you’ll find cliffs, canyons and thousands of lakes and streams. With over 1,200 miles of canoe routes, the Boundary Waters are the perfect location to paddle slowly and catch a few of your favorite fish.

Join us for one of the following shred events 9am-12pm, so you can spend your valuable time doing more of the things you love.


Sept. 12 | Northeast Minneapolis
Sept. 19 | Boone Avenue
Sept. 26 | Highland


Sept. 19 | Green Bay Road