Summer concert giveaway: Master your phone photography skills before the show

This summer, TruStone Financial wants to give you the chance to make a new summer memory. That’s why we are giving away two tickets to the Basilica Block Party and a one-night hotel stay in downtown Minneapolis. We know that you are going to want to document this amazing night, so we’ve compiled some tips on how to get the perfect picture with your smartphone.

Keep your lens clean | Your smartphone spends a lot of time in your pocket, bag or in your hand, and as a result it will get dirty. Cleaning your lens will ensure you get sharp, clear images rather than smudged or blurred shots.

Crop, don’t zoom | Unfortunately using the zoom function on your smartphone results in a noticeable loss in image quality. Taking a few steps closer or cropping the photo afterwards provides you with a better quality shot.

Get in focus | Taking a picture at a concert is not easy but if you tap the screen to focus right before you snap a picture, you’ll find yourself with a clear photo to share with your friends.

Forget the flash | While flashes brighten up a dark photo, the color and focus can be easily distorted giving the subject a blurry, badly-lit appearance. So, forget the flash. You can even use the concert stage lighting to get a creative, one-of-a-kind photo.

Don’t over edit | From blurring edges to colored filters, there are countless apps and editing tools to change up your photo. Try and resist the urge to use overly strong effects so your image stays simple, unique and natural.

Download apps | Not happy with your current smartphone camera app? Check out your phone carrier’s app store and find one that fits your artistic style.

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