Get your taxes done with Turbo Tax and TruStone Financial

With tax season upon us, TruStone Financial wants to ensure you get the best deal on your taxes. File by April 18, 2016 and get a discount on Turbo Tax products.

Make sure that your tax information is confidential – and stays that way by using these quick and easy tips to prevent tax-related identity theft from happening to you.

Keep it safe | Don’t carry your Social Security card around in your purse or wallet. Leave it at home in a secure location or in a safe-deposit box.

Do not store tax information on your computer | Never store tax files or any personal data on a cloud or Internet drive that isn’t secure. If you must store it digitally, make sure the drive is password-protected or located on an encrypted external drive.

Beware of IRS scammers | In 2015, 334,000 people fell victim to identity and tax refund fraud. The IRS will never ask for your banking or other private financial information, so be aware of potential scammers on the phone that demand money for your taxes.

Use strong usernames and passwords | Always include numbers, upper- and lowercase characters and symbols. That way, the likelihood of someone guessing it is low.

Do the math | Your annual Social Security statement will recognize all income from individuals working in the United States under your SSN. Do the numbers look correct? This can be a good indicator to spot otherwise undetected identity theft.

Pay attention to your mailbox | Monitor your mailbox for W-2s, 1099s and other official tax forms. If any are late or seem to have been opened, contact the provider immediately to find out how and when they were delivered.

Go electronic | Opt for direct deposit of tax refunds to avoid lost or stolen checks.

Want to learn additional safety measures? Check out our Member Security Tips. Whether it’s when to update your computer software or simply what documents should be thrown in the shredder, TruStone Financial is here to help you take the proper steps of protection.

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