Update your phone and lower your risk

With smart phones taking over our day-to-day lives, we are often bombarded with notifications of software updates. Though they may seem annoying, it’s important to install them instead of clicking “ignore.”

Software and operating system updates perform a variety of tasks from updating your entire device at large to perform specific updates to various applications and security settings.

By having the most recent, trusted software installed on your device, your security settings for browsers and operating systems will also be up to date. If you continue to click ignore when you are notified of software updates, you are putting your data at risk.

More than 90 percent of software updates are to repair security vulnerabilities* and even though the update may seem minor and unnecessary, it may be the only thing protecting your device from a serious virus.

Imagine a mosquito net protecting you from the Midwest’s most annoying pest, but one hole in the net could allow for not only mosquitos to get in, but bugs of any kind! Your device is not much different. A common method used by cybercriminals is to exploit these security holes in your devices, resulting in harmful viruses or the loss of confidential data, such as personal information stored in your device.

 Next time your phone, tablet or computer prompts you to install the latest software update, remember it’s for your safety, not just to help your social media sites run smoother or videos play faster.