Who gets the data when my phone lease is up?

With cell phone providers getting more creative with their products and services, it can be hard to keep up! One of the newest features many carriers are offering their customers is the option to lease phones with no money down and the opportunity to upgrade models more often.

Although this option has proved to be convenient for many users, what does this mean for our security and safety? When your lease is up and it’s time to upgrade, what happens to all the data on your phone like your photos and apps? Often, your provider will make a quick transfer of everything to your new device, but you should do your best to clear any sensitive or confidential data yourself.

Depending on your device, doing a hard reset of your phone can be fairly simple. If you don’t know how or don’t want to do this yourself, be sure to educate yourself on ways you can decrease the risk of your data being taken. Whenever possible, before giving a phone back to your carrier, restore factory settings, so none of your personal data remains on the device.

TruStone Financial wants to ensure all of your information stays confidential, so talk to your phone provider and ask what is best for your safety and security.

Editor’s note: segments of this article were taken from marketplace.org and dailyfinance.com.