At TruStone Financial, we answer to you. That’s right, as a financial cooperative, our members are the owners. We have an elected, volunteer board of directors and a supervisory committee to keep us on track and poised for promise and growth.

Board of Directors

The board of directors steers the credit union ship, so to speak. They set policies, give direction and work to ensure the credit union is running as efficiently as possible. Everyone on the board is elected. Here’s a look at our current team:

  • Doug Nesbit, Chairman
  • Anne Ziebell, Vice Chair
  • Samuel L. Stern, Secretary
  • James Sackett, Treasurer
  • Stephen Hunziker
  • Thomas Alagna
  • Kevin Crane
  • Bruce Whitmore
  • Kristine Ziccardi
  • Stephen Bohlig
  • John Christenson
  • Darrick Metz
  • Evelyn Jones

Associate Director

The Associate Directors are appointed by the board of directors serving in a non-voting position at the credit union.

Here’s a look at our current associate directors:

  • Nicole Anthony
  • John Fraser
  • Lorrie Oelkers
  • Stuart Simek
  • Jennifer Whitlock

Supervisory Committee

The supervisory committee, which is appointed by the board members, makes sure the credit union manages its assets wisely and ensures regulations and procedures are followed.

Here’s a look at our current committee members:

  • Teena Buenjiaje-Liu, Committee Chair
  • Brian Lee, Secretary
  • Esmail Harunany
  • Bob Larson
  • Leonard Newman

Associate Supervisory Committee

The associate supervisory committee is appointed by the supervisory committee and is serving in a non-voting position at the credit union.

Here’s a look at our current committee members:

  • Lori Bonin

TruStone Financial Management

In addition to our skilled board and committee members, we also have top-notch staff in place throughout the credit union to ensure our members receive nothing but the best. Here’s a look at our management team:

  • Dale Turner, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel Zaczkowski, EVP/Chief Investment Officer
  • Leon Eichten, EVP/Chief Accounting Officer
  • Phil Young, EVP/Chief Legal Counsel
  • Steve Steen, EVP/Chief Business Officer 
  • Hans Iverson, EVP/Chief Operations Officer
  • Gary Jeter, EVP/Chief Technology Officer
  • Marty Kelly, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kelly Robbert, EVP/Chief Experience Officer
  • Cole Hahn, EVP/Chief People Officer
  • Nathan Grunzke, EVP/Chief Mortgage Officer