Overdraft Protection

We understand life gets busy. Juggling work appointments, day care pickups, hockey practice and family dinners can add up. To accommodate busy schedules, TruStone Financial offers overdraft protection, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to make a deposit in between your 8am coffee run and rounding up the family for dinner.

We have three options that allow you to have more control over life’s unexpected expenses:

Automatic Savings Transfers

We can link your checking and savings accounts so if your checking gets overdrawn, we’ll automatically move money from your savings to cover it. We’ll do it up to six times a month to keep your accounts in check. Once you’ve hit the maximum of six in one month, the automatic transfers can no longer be made.*

Line of Credit

You can apply for a line of credit to ensure you always have the money you need. If you overdraw your checking account, money will advance from your approved line of credit. Apply now.

Courtesy Pay & Courtesy Pay Plus

With TruStone Financial’s Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus, we’ll take care of your overdrafts. For a small fee, you can link this feature to your account and we pay up to $800 in overdrafts. Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus are a little different, so here’s what you need to know:

Courtesy Pay

  • This service is added to nearly all checking accounts in good standing automatically once your account has been open for 30 days.
  • Courtesy Pay covers:
    • Checks and ACH
    • Automatic bill payments

Courtesy Pay Plus

  • This is a service you must opt in to and provides additional overdraft protection. 
  • Courtesy Pay Plus covers: 
    • Debit card transactions
    • ATM withdrawals
Non-Sufficient Funds Fees
Effective February 1, 2017
ATM/check card overdrawn fee1
$30 per card transaction that is paid when there are insufficient funds in the account.
Returned ACH fee1
$30 per ACH transaction.
Returned check deposit fee
$15 per deposited check.
Returned check draft fee1
$30 per returned check.

If you’re interested in opting in to Courtesy Pay Plus, log in to Online Banking and fill out a form, or fill out one on paper and bring it into your nearest branch.

*Automatic transfers from savings accounts are limited by Federal Regulation D