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A TruStone checking account makes life easier. All of our checking accounts come with the latest tools that keep you in touch and in control of your finances.




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  Value CheckingReward CheckingRewardPlus Checking
Made for: Those looking for a basic account without the worry of maintaining balances or paying monthly service fees Those looking to get rewarded with dividends and perks from a healthy balance Those looking for even more of a reward with dividends and perks from a large balance
Minimum to open: $25 $300 $1,000
Monthly fee: None $5, which is waived if you maintain a $300 minimum balance $10, which is waived if you maintain a $1,000 balance
Courtesy Pay Fee:1 $30/ea $30/ea $30/ea
Earns dividends (see our rates): No Yes, compounds monthly Yes, compounds monthly
ATM Withdrawals: The first 5 ATM withdrawals made at non-TruStone-owned ATMs in each month are FREE.  The first 5 ATM withdrawals made at non-TruStone-owned ATM’s in each month are FREE.  The first 5 ATM withdrawals made at non-TruStone-owned ATM’s in each month are FREE. 
Perks:   * FREE first order of TruStone checks
* FREE cashier’s checks
* 2 FREE orders of TruStone checks annually
* FREE cashier’s checks

Information for disclosure:

1For one-time debit card transactions, you must have previously opted-in for Courtesy Pay or the transaction will be declined. Payment by the credit union is a discretionary courtesy and not a right of the member or an obligation of the credit union.  This privilege for consumer share draft accounts will be limited to a maximum amount of $800 overdraft (negative) balance.  Transaction types that are eligible for Courtesy Pay include, and are limited to:  ACH transactions, debit card transactions, drafts and On-Us checks at the teller counter. You must bring your account balance positive within every 30-day period for a minimum period of 24 hours.  The credit union, at its discretion, can cancel this protection and cease paying overdrafts at any time without prior notice of reason or cause.

Direct Deposit
Even when you can't get to the credit union, your paycheck still can. With direct deposit, payroll checks, social security checks, and federal recurring payments can all be deposited directly to your TruStone account.

TruStone’s routing number is 291075080.
Members joining the credit union from A M Community Credit Union can continue using the routing number 275978226.

Click here to print the direct deposit enrollment form.  (Present this form to your employer)

Order Checks
You can choose from our apple design to salute education or the TruStone logo. Or, if those styles don’t suit you, our check printer, Harland Clarke has lots of choices. Click here to browse their catalog, place an order, or check the status of an existing order online anytime.

Note: For first-time check orders or to change the printed information on your checks, please call us at 763-544-1517 or 1-800-862-1998 and we’d be happy to help.

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