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Refinance Process

You'll find a fast and easy refinancing experience here

If you're looking to refinance your current mortgage, you've come to the right place. TruStone Home Mortgage offers some of the most competitive rates around and a quick, stress-free refinancing process.

What can I expect during the refinancing process?

There are three main phases you can expect when you work with TruStone Home Mortgage to refinance your current mortgage. We understand that every loan is unique, but you can review a typical process below. The phases include:
Number 1

Phase 1: Application

The first phase includes filling out the refinance application. We will review your individual situation and evaluate opportunities for improvement. Based on your goals, we narrow down and explain the options you have to consider.

At this point we provide a list of documents you will need to provide, so we can process and underwrite your mortgage refinance application.

Number 2

Phase 2: Underwriting


During this phase, TruStone Home Mortgage may order an appraisal and title report, and review your income, assets, employment and other required documentation. Once it is determined that your loan can be approved, your application moves on to be prepared for closing.

The third-party vendor work assignments and paperwork are completed in seven days, submitted back to underwriting, and a final determination is made that the loan is or isn't clear to close.

Number 3

Phase 3: Closing


During this phase, we schedule a date and time with you for the loan closing. Our team delivers closing documents from the title company chosen for your mortgage. You are provided with a document that details all of the costs associated with your loan. We review this with you prior to closing, so you know who you are paying, what you are being charged for and how much it all costs. The closing meeting shouldn't take more than an hour.

Number 4

Phase 4: Feedback

Once your loan closes, we provide you with a survey to share feedback on how we did. It's important to us to better ourselves and our process and we love to hear from the people we helped.