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TruStone Financial Foundation Donates to Highland Park Little League Association

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (July 23, 2019) — In celebration of TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union’s 80th anniversary, the TruStone Financial Foundation is making a $1,000 donation to a local charity on behalf of each Minnesota and Wisconsin branch. As part of this initiative, TruStone Financial’s Highland branch recently donated $1,000 to the Highland Park Little League Association.

Staff from the Highland Park Little League Association accepted the $1,000 donation at TruStone Financial’s Highland branch.

Staff from the Highland Park Little League Association accepted the $1,000 donation at TruStone Financial’s Highland branch.

This organization, also called Highland Ball, is a neighborhood baseball and softball league for boys and girls ages four to sixteen. It provides programs and instruction for children of varying skill levels to help build their athleticism, sportsmanship and teamwork.

“We have seen generations of St. Paul families playing or volunteering on these fields,” said Chad Breunig, manager of the Highland TruStone Financial branch. “Having a safe and healthy environment for the youth of Highland Park to learn, grow and be part of a family is critical to their development,” he added.

“Highland Park Little League is a staple of the Highland Park community, and as a neighborhood credit union, we believe in making sure our future members have the ability to enjoy outdoor family time,” said Lisamarie Meyer, Senior Vice President and Director of Minnesota Branches at TruStone Financial. “This donation will help provide opportunities for more kids and teens to play softball and baseball while enjoying family time together.”

Drew Hodson, a member of the Little League Association, thanked TruStone Financial for the donation. “We’ll be putting the money toward equipment for our softball and baseball players,” he said. “Contributions like yours help make Highland Ball more affordable for all kids.”

About the TruStone Financial Foundation

The TruStone Financial Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009 by TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union. The TruStone Financial Foundation primarily supports financial education and programs through scholarships and outreach, while also engaging in general charitable giving in the communities served by the credit union. Learn more about the TruStone Financial Foundation at