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TruStone Home Mortgage Helps Support Teachers and Students across the Nation


PLYMOUTH, Minn. (February 26, 2020) — TruStone Home Mortgage has helped teachers across the nation fund more than $22,000 in classroom projects and needs!

In partnership with Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, TruStone Home Mortgage provides opportunities for teachers to receive funding they need to improve their students' learning experiences. Teachers list their specific needs at, a nonprofit organization that offers a platform where teachers can request funds for classroom supplies and projects. Those requests are then fulfilled by way of this unique charitable partnership.

Since June, when TruStone Home Mortgage began working with Arch MI to offer this program, at least $22,900 has been directed back into classrooms across the nation, many of which have been from schools in Minnesota.

One of the teachers who benefitted from this program includes an elementary school teacher in Roseville, Minn. who is working to sustain her students' passion for reading. She thanked her project's donors for helping her fund new books for her classroom library, saying, "Having books that [the students] are engaged in allows them to actually sit and read for long periods of time and continue to learn to read. They have been discussing the different books with one another and sharing what they love about them."

Another teacher, who teaches special education classes in Minneapolis, Minn., expressed her gratitude for receiving help to fund toys that will allow her pre-school students to build their imagination and fine motor skills. "These pre-schoolers are happy blurs in action. This project was able to provide them with a wonderful variety of toys and activities to help direct their natural energy and curiosity in positive ways," she said.

We're ecstatic that we can support teachers directly through this program. TruStone Financial was founded by teachers for teachers, and education is still one of our guiding values. By partnering with Arch MI to support these funding requests, TruStone continues to build on a legacy of supporting educators.