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TruStone Financial Employees Recognized as Top Producers for
Mortgage Origination and HELOC Volume



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May 2, 2023 - Several employees of TruStone Financial Credit Union have been recognized by the Scotsman Guide as Top Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) volume producers in 2023.

The Scotsman Guide, a leading source of information and resources in the mortgage industry, assembles a list of the nation’s top mortgage originators annually. The five TruStone employees who ranked the highest for HELOC volume in the entire nation are part of the credit union’s TruPartner Network Team, who focus on home equity products: Aaron Gerber, Nancy Pierson, Larry Lasch, Greg Schlichte and Mike Kadier.

In 2022, these TruStone employees originated a combined total of over $120 million. Their individual totals were as follows:

  • TruPartner Network Team:
    • Aaron Gerber NMLS#1094726: $36,112,006
    • Nancy Pierson NMLS#986285: $33,562,248
    • Larry Lasch NMLS#480178: $31,515,955
    • Greg Schlichte NMLS#640037: $18,649,415
    • Mike Kadier NMLS#1830404: $18,150,201