Visa Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards, we know what you’re looking for. You want a hassle-free credit card that lets you make purchases with ease, has a low interest rate and doesn’t charge you an annual fee. If you’ve been searching for the perfect credit card, look no further! TruStone Financial has four Visa® credit card options available:

Visa Signature Credit Card

TruStone Financial’s black-tie credit card, complete with an EMV chip for added security, is everything you need in a credit card. The Visa Signature Credit Card contains the latest in credit card technology and security, allowing you to have peace of mind when making purchases. With credit limits beginning at $5,000 and the option of cash back rewards, our Signature Card is sure to be your top-of-wallet, everyday use card.

Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Earn CURewards points while making everyday purchases with the Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card. With a low variable rate and credit limits starting at $500, it’s a popular and useful card to add to your wallet.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Platinum Credit Card is the go-to card for those just starting out and wanting to build credit. The Visa Platinum Credit Card is great for those who want a low rate, low minimum credit line and are not concerned about earning rewards.

Visa Secured Credit Card

The Visa Secured Credit Card is a great way to build or repair your credit history. The Visa Secured Credit Card is secured by a deposit in your savings account equal to your approved credit limit.

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There’s no annual fee on any card. You can access your account online and you can easily transfer other card balances to this card to take advantage of the low rate.

TruStone Financial offers instant issue, EMV chip-enabled, Visa credit cards at all branches. Find the location nearest you. 

Ready to sign up? You can apply online or at your nearest branch.


* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. View credit card terms and conditions.

TruStone Financial does not charge fees on international transactions. Visa international transaction fees may apply.

Credit card payments can be made one of the following ways:

  • Establish automatic payments from TruStone Financial
  • Transfer payments from your TruStone Financial checking/savings within Online Banking
  • Establish automatic payments from another financial institution
  • Over-the-phone by calling 800.862.1998
  • Mail payments to the following address: TruStone Financial Credit Union P.O. Box 1259 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1259

If you believe your credit card has been lost or stolen, or if you see suspicious activity on your account, please contact the credit union immediately for assistance. During our regular business hours please call 763-544-1517 or 800-862-1998, after hours 1-888-918-7804.